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José Delgado begins tour with a Caribbean flavor

The first concert of this series will be tonight, starting at 7:00 p.m.

The Venezuelan singer-songwriter José Delgado will begin this Wednesday, May 29, an intimate tour of several venues in the capital, where he will perform a selection of his best songs.

The first concert of this series will be tonight, starting at 7:00 pm, on the rooftop of La Gloria Caracas, in Chacao.

There, Delgado will offer a varied show. As the name of these shows indicates, it will be a repertoire loaded with songs that evoke the Caribbean flavor.

This project arose at the end of last year, when after releasing the album “Previous” and do two symphonic shows, he felt that “if you don't dedicate yourself to working, to remembering, when you do great things people don't heed the call.”

Once those intense moments were over, he wanted to focus on something more intimate. “We want to be in the city, visiting nightlife venues, where we can play in small formats. In some places we will be only acoustic, in others we will do it hybrid and with guests. “This is a flexible format, because it adapts both to the sites and to the concept of the show itself.”

Other details

Due to the capacity of some places, Delgado will be alone with his guitar; something that makes him very excited because it means returning to the roots. “It is reconnecting with my people in a more direct way: only with guitar and voice. Sometimes I prefer small spaces to big ones, I have this habit of playing a lot in places that don't require as much production because that takes away a lot of energy. This means that I return to the ring with a small team and that we prepare everything in spaces where we are received with great affection.”

The tour will continue this Friday, May 31 at La Esquina, in El Hatillo; on Saturday, June 1 at Annex Vivo, in Altamira, with Smokey and violinist Jhuli Ramos; and closes the first stage on Saturday, June 15 in El Marchante, together with Carlos Cabrices.

Delgado indicated that this project will also reach community spaces, galleries and other places, whose dates will be announced on their social networks, as soon as they are finalized.

All shows start at 7:00 pm. Jose Delgado

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