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Humberly González: “I always put Venezuela at the forefront”

Humberly González does not forget her Venezuelan roots, in fact, it is a priority for her to represent the country and its essence in all her projects. The actress, who currently stands out in the cinema with the horror film 'Tarot', has also been noted as the voice of the heroine of the video game 'Star Wars: Outlaws' and as Sophie Sánchez in the Netflix series 'Ginny & Georgia'.

He didn't always have everything so clear, however. As she confesses, when she began her new life outside of Venezuela as a teenager, she felt lost between two worlds, a feeling that did not leave her for a while.

“Being an immigrant and feeling like I had two separate lives was a struggle in my work, especially being bilingual, having only spoken Spanish for half my life and then speaking English. How do you marry the two identities? Is there a way of assimilation? I feel like I did a little bit of that and then I started to find my voice again and it was like 'this is what makes me unique, my character traits, my culture, my music, my food,'” she said last June in a interview with Remezcla.

Since then, every time he takes on a project he has Venezuela in mind. “I always put Venezuela at the forefront. In many of the projects that I have been a part of, I talk to the creatives, I talk to the people, about my culture, about my language, and there are many occasions, more than when they say no, in which they want to include it and change things to reflect that,” he told the aforementioned media.

From Punto Fijo to the world

Born 32 years ago in Punto Fijo, Falcón state, Humberly González is not only an actress. She is also a dancer, musician and vocal artist. She formally studied acting at Keyano College and the National Theater School in Montreal and made her debut in the short film 'It's Not You' by Don McKella, released in 2015 and presented at the Toronto International Film Festival.

He has participated in productions such as 'Orphan Black', 'Saving Hope', 'Far Cry 6', 'Utopia Falls' and 'Nurses', among others. She also starred in the Hallmark Channel Christmas films 'Maps & Mistletop' (2021) and 'Friends & Family Christmas' (2023). The latter was very important for her when presenting the first gay romance in this type of productions.

“I definitely needed that when I was growing up, so it was an opportunity for me to do something for the community,” added González, who defines himself as queer.

Featured projects

The Falconian artist had her first major role in a global production in the series 'Ginny & Georgia', where she played Sophie Sánchez, a young woman from the Lgbtq+ community who becomes the love interest of the neighbor's teenage daughter. of the protagonist.

In 'Star Wars: Outlaws', video game released on August 30, Humberly González lends her voice to Kay Vess, the protagonist of the adventure.

In addition to that, the Venezuelan is also part of the cast of 'Star Trek: Section 31', a television movie starring the iconic Michelle Yeoh and which will be seen on the Paramount+ platform.

horror fan

In relation to 'Tarot', a film directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg where she plays a young woman named Madeline, Humberly confesses that she enjoyed the experience because she is a fan of the genre.

“I have been a fan of horror movies since I was little and lived in Venezuela. I always watched all the 'Chucky' movies, that is, all of them,” he told La Mejor Magazine last May.

González highlighted that he auditioned for several roles and that in the end the directors asked him which of them he identified with the most.

Humberly as Sophie in 'Ginny & Georgia'. Courtesy Netflix

“I chose Madeline because I loved that she is always on the phone taking photos, saving the memories and experiences of her friends,” she said.

It was very special for her to know that the film would premiere in Venezuela. “My brother texted me, and my aunts and uncles. It's great to have moved from there and now make a film in another part of the world and have it seen in the cinema. That is probably my proudest moment of being part of this film,” she commented to Remezcla.

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