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“Succession” closed its four seasons with a flourish

Users of social networks rate the series as one of the best in history

The ending of “Succession” was perfect. At least that's how it was for thousands of Twitter users, who positioned the HBO title among the trends and only talked about the exquisite latest installment of the series.

The various twists that occurred in the final chapter of the entertainment giant's production kept viewers eating their nails and glued to the screen, anxious to find out who would get Logan Roy's company.

The impeccable script, the masterful performances and the direction to the point not only made "Succession" one of the best series on HBO Max, but also crowned it as one of the best productions in the history of television, according to many. Twitter users who did not miss the opportunity to summarize in memes what this episode, number 39 of the series, meant.

This creation by Jesse Armstrong was produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who showed throughout its four seasons the internal struggles of a family to stay with Waystar Royco, an audiovisual conglomerate founded by the vile Logan Roy who sees even with pride how their children fight like hyenas for power, always following in their footsteps almost in tracing.

Can you wait for a new season?

Although it is said out there that there is no bad fifth, HBO threw the idea of ​​having a season that follows the fourth batch of episodes into the trash can.

According to Squire, HBO has no interest, nor any intention to continue with the story of "Succession", so it will not make spin-offs either.

But this decision was known since the beginning of the year. Last February, the showrunner of the series Jesse Armstrong offered an interview to The New Yorker that the fourth season of the production would be the last and, in fact, he mocked the possibility of the story continuing.

"I think this story is already closed," he mentioned. “This is the season where all our reserves of interest are definitely depleted, and I think there's some pain in all of these characters that's really strong. But the feeling that there might be something else to this world, or to some of its supporting characters, or even to some of the [main] characters themselves… that's strong with me as well. At the end of the series, when I spoke with some of my collaborators we talked about the possibility of continuing… ”, he continued.


But "Succession" is not only an excellent series for the viewers, but also the critics consider it as such. And that is why he won a large number of awards, including Golden Globes, Emmys, statuettes from the Writers Guild, Bafta, among many others.

In total, he won five Golden Globes, five Emmys, three Baftas, four WGA (Writers Guild), five Satellite Awards and three laurels from the Producers Guild (PGA).


Twitter users expressed themselves about the genius of the series and, especially, its last episode. The posts on the blue bird's social network were torn between characteristic black humor and criticism of the work that had an impactful ending.

En Últimas Noticias We made a selection of the best memes for you to enjoy, in case you're a fan of “Succession”, or to get excited if you haven't seen it.

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