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Don Omar returns to the headlines after an unexpected announcement

We review the history of the "King of Reggaeton" who claims to have overcome cancer

After announcing this Monday, June 17, that he was suffering from cancer, Puerto Rican artist Don Omar made headlines. Little, if not nothing, he specified about the illness that afflicted him and that, in less than 24 hours, he had already overcome. This was reported this Tuesday, confirming that his surgery cleared him of the condition.

“Today I woke up cancer-free and grateful. Thank you for your good wishes, prayers and thousands of messages. My operation was a complete success and now I have to recover,” she said in an Instagram post on June 18.

It is the first time that the artist opens up about such a personal topic, which fell like a bucket of cold water on all his fans. Without giving details or explaining in depth the type of cancer he suffered from, Don Omar assumed it. with strength.

A reference in urban music, Don Omar was behind famous hits of the urban genre such as “Salió el sol” and “Ojitos Chiquiticos”. In his long career he has been recognized by Rolling Stone and Billboard as a reggaeton legend. And although his artistic career has highlighted his role as a singer, Don Omar has also walked the path of composer, record producer and actor.

Without moving away from music this year, the one popularly nicknamed “King of Kings” (King of Kings, in Spanish) is carrying out a tour titled “Back to Reggaeton Tour.” With it he celebrates his 25 years of experience. In a second stage he will have presentations in August and September.

Agenda that will not be delayed, even despite the health situation it is currently going through. Fact endorsed from a clip published a couple of days ago where she appears at the auditions and expresses her happiness to those who "dare to dream with me."

Beginnings and prolific career

William Omar Landrón Rivera, the artist's first name, was born in 1978 under the sign of Aquarius, which is why he already celebrated his 46th birthday.

His passion for music, and even poetry, arose at the early age of 12, within the church he attended with his family.

According to the Biographies and Lives web portal, “for four years he was a pastor in the Church of the Restoration in Christ, in Bayamón (Puerto Rico), which he left due to a sentimental disappointment (his well-known song 'Although you were gone' includes this episode of his life)".

The portal also highlights the importance that the duo of Héctor and Tito had in his career and music, which catapulted in 2002. Especially the former, who sponsored him as his music producer and promoted him in the industry initially as composer. From there he adopted the name Don Omar.

It was in 2003 when he debuted as a solo artist with his first album: “Te Last Don”, whose catchiest track was “Dale Don dale” with which he boosted the sale of 60.000 copies of his album.

It wouldn't be long before Landrón excelled again, this time with “King of Kings,” his second album, in May 2006. The album debuted at number 1 on Latin Billboard.

Six years later, his outstanding work in urban rhythms would lead him to win eight Billboard awards.

Although he has not stopped working throughout his career, in 2023 the artist surprised the world with the premiere of “FOREVER KING”. Publications such as Billboard highlighted that in the album the artist included much of the reggaeton that positioned him at the beginning of it. However, he appreciated the Cuban danzón and other tropical rhythms with which he refreshed himself musically. Maluma, Residente, Wisin and Gente de Zona were some of his collaborators.

Outside of music, he was seen jumping into acting in installments 4, 5 and 8 of the “Fast and Furious” film saga.

Target of controversies

Despite his exploits in music, the artist's career and personal life have not been free of scandals and rivalries.

In 2022, music producer Raphy Pina announced that he would sue the Puerto Rican performer for defamation, but the court ruled in favor of Landrón Rivera, so Pina, who is currently serving a sentence for illegal possession of firearms, had to pay him 195 thousand dollars.

On an even murkier note, in 2014, he was taken into custody in his native Puerto Rico for apparent domestic violence, abuse, threats, illegal possession of a firearm and pointing it at his then partner, Rebecca López.

The alleged victim later decided not to pursue the case and the charges were dropped. The woman had to pay 10% of 600 thousand dollars to be let out, according to the TeleCinco portal.

Another of his famous controversies was the well-known rivalry that existed between him and Daddy Yankee. Both artists, pioneers in the genre, have competed to win the title of King of Reggaeton and maintained an intense competition that has included tiraderas (a set of lyrics that contain insults, criticisms and provocations directed at another artist or person in particular) and comments. derogatory publics.

The artists put their differences aside, definitively, in December 2023. And once the matter was settled, Don Omar made a post on Instagram dedicated to Yankee with a quite friendly tone. Given this, his Puerto Rican colleague told him “God bless you.”

Family life

The singer, who prefers to keep this part of his life low profile, has three children Derek (21), Daniel (24) and Gianna (21).

In 2008 he married Puerto Rican television presenter Jackie Guerrido, from whom he separated in 2011.

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