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Diveana: “I am reinventing myself”

He premiered a live session with Los Aviadores

Diveana began her artistic career in the 80s, in her native Maracaibo, as a teenager. And, for some, when she chose to go solo, if she had dedicated herself more, she would have become a very important figure in the world of merengue, not only in Venezuela but in Latin America.

Although along with his name there are titles as important as “Your eyes“, “What I feel with you” or “I'm missing everything”, among many others and without mentioning those from her time with Los Melódicos, her career came to a halt when she decided to become a mother. Her eldest son is already over 20 years old and her youngest is about to graduate from high school.

So Diveana, at this time, has time to resume her career, as she has done in the last three years. On May 20, she launched a playlist on Spotify and her YouTube channel with which, in addition to remembering iconic moments of her career, she pays tribute to people like Wilfrido Vargas, Miriam Cruz, Sergio Vargas, Francheska, Selena and Lisa M .

He also premieres a live session with Los Aviadores, which they presented last week in Caracas, and compiles the Free Cover of their hits, one of the most listened to on the aforementioned platform.

In addition to this, the merengue singer is preparing to take to the stage on June 14 where Omar Enrique will celebrate his 30th anniversary, at the Poliedro. And, if it comes to fruition, she will join Karina, Elisa Rego and Kiara at the end of the year in the show Venezuela is a woman. “This has me excited, because it is a beautiful show.”

—When you look back at your career, would you have done anything differently?

—Many people thought I retired, but no. I supported myself by working in night spots. Then I was a mother and now I'm back.  

—At what point in your career are you?

—I'm reinventing myself. I am very happy when I work because people receive me with great affection, they sing all my songs, they encourage me to continue.

—How do you prepare to be at the Poliedro for the first time?

—I am very relaxed and excited. I'm sure it's going to be great. There are many excited people, because they cannot imagine so many artists sharing with him.

—Why aren't there so many merengueras?

—I don't know how many there will be in the merengue market, but I do think it would be nice to start uniting and doing things together like reggaeton artists do. You always see them announcing things and coming together. I was talking about this topic recently with Miriam (Cruz) and we planned to do something. Hopefully we can do it soon.

—Did your children follow in your footsteps?

—They both like music. My son plays the guitar and is determined to study it at University. My daughter is also sure that she will go for something in the entertainment world.

—Have you thought about doing a song together?

—I've been thinking about doing something for a year, with video and everything, with them. I proposed it to them and they loved the idea. 

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