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This is how the box office moves for the Marc Anthony show

The salsero comes in August and we review some details of the tour he will bring

Two months before the concert that salsa singer Marc Anthony will offer in the Venezuelan capital, we review some details of his tour and ticket sales. The Puerto Rican returns to the country after several years away, 12 to be exact, with his “Historia Tour 2024”. In Caracas you will see him squander his great potential on Tuesday, August 27 from the Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium.

Although there are currently multiple shows by international artists scheduled, Marc Anthony's is one of the most anticipated. Perhaps that is why ticket sales seem to have flowed without problem, assuming that the most expensive tickets have been the first to be sold.

For those who don't know, there are tickets with multiple rates. In fact, between VIP and general there are various subcategories depending on their location and visibility.

Checking the official ticket sales portal it is clear that “Las Box” sold like hot cakes, or so it seems. On the Mi Tickera website they are already listed as sold out and the price is not projected. These were the tickets closest to the stage and also the most expensive.

The aforementioned tickets are followed by the Diamond tickets (28.164,63 Bs), whose sales are flowing. Next are the Gold (16.109,73 Bs). For those who were not able to purchase the Box, close to the stage, the Club 600 (24.146,33) is next, still on sale.

Tighter pockets can choose from multiple zones. Las Petare (Bs 5.662,15), Caricuao (Bs 5.662,15), El Valle (Bs 8.073,13), January 23 (Bs 8.073,13), Gradas 3 (Bs 3.251,17) and Gradas 4 (Bs 2.447,51. XNUMX Bs), the latter being the cheapest.

It should be mentioned that when evaluating the electronic purchasing system, the cheapest ones are many more and, therefore, they seem more available. Since 2012, Marc Anthony has not sung in Venezuela.

In his presentation schedule, the salsero comes from Peru (Arequipa) on August 14 and Colombia (Palmira) where he will be on August 17.

After his show in Caracas he will travel to the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, August 24).

Other details

On June 18, Marc Anthony sang in Madrid, Spain. In a review published on the Viva Radio web portal, it is highlighted that the concert's repertoire was 14 songs and that it was presented accompanied by a "select orchestra."

Although he called it good, the journalist highlighted some details of the concert that he regretted. “I missed 'Vivir lo Nuestro', 'Jealousy', 'And Now Who' or 'Escapémonos', I missed more songs from an album that came out recently and that at the moment is going unnoticed in Spain. As they say, it never rains to everyone's liking, and last night there was a good downpour before entering."

Likewise, in that corner of Europe, Marc Anthony He gave concerts in Barcelona (June 13), Seville (June 16), Marbella (May 31) and Tenerife (June 09). The setlist of the New York native's performances is made up of famous songs such as “Vivir mi vida”, “Pa'llá Voy”, “Valió la Pena”, “Y Porque Somebody”, “Flor Pálida”, among others, according to the specialized website Spotify.

Anthony began his musical commitments in February 2024 in the United States, touring cities such as Washington DC, California, Texas and Oregon. He then landed in Spain and in the final days of June he will pass through Italy (Milan 23), Portugal (Lisbon 26), Germany (Nuremberg 28 and Hamburg 30).

After his concert in Venezuela, he will sing in the Netherlands Antilles, located in the Caribbean, on August 29. After a break in September, she will resume and culminate the “Historia Tour 2024” in the United States between October and November. Some of the destinations are New York, Atlanta and Miami.

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