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Universities of Carabobo and Shanghai signed an agreement

The alliance promotes educational, scientific and technological development Venezuela and China

The University of Carabobo (Venezuela) and the University of Shanghai (China) signed this Thursday a cooperation agreement with the purpose of promoting educational, academic, technological and scientific development between both nations.

The agreement, signed in the Capitol of Valencia, Carabobo state, is called “Shanghai-Carabobo University Friendship.”

The state governor, Rafael Lacava, participated in the signing; the rector of the centenary University of Carabobo, professor Jessy Divo de Romero, and the most excellent Ambassador of China in Venezuela, Lan Hu.

In this regard, the governor of the entity stated that it is “a historic day for two core academic institutions in the training of professionals, both in Shanghai and Carabobo, which reflects the spirit of brotherhood and union that exists between the people of both regions. ”.

"This agreement will generate development, great technological proposals in various subjects and disciplines of our faculties and in all the instances that both universities will share, to complement each other in many of the areas necessary for the development of a country," he highlighted.

Lacava asserted that the agreement emphatically raises cooperation in Artificial Intelligence, a topic in which Shanghai has been a global reference.

“The University of Carabobo has a very wide range in the training of professionals in the branch of automotive engineering that must be articulated with the Chinese automotive industry (…) we are working very hard to bring Chinese automobile manufacturing companies to be able to recover our automotive industry, as well as the industrial sector and the port sector, among others,” he noted.

A huge commitment

Jessy Divo de Romero, rector of the UC, indicated that the alliance means an enormous commitment for both universities, especially in the technological area.

“Turning our backs on this possibility and the invitation that Governor Rafael Lacava made to us, to strengthen ties with the University of Shanghai, which has so many technological advances, with the interest of contributing to the development of our state and the country, would be not just a mistake, that would be really mean,” he said.

For his part, the ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Venezuela, Lan Hu, stated that this event establishes effective cooperation mechanisms between the UC and the University of Shanghai. 

“Returning to Carabobo is like returning to our home a few days ago, our beloved Governor Lacava made a successful, fruitful visit to China where he has established the foundations for this cooperation with the University of Shanghai, which we hope will bear very positive results for Carabobo and Venezuela.” , he expressed.

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