HomecaraboboThey restore the work "La Menina" by maestro Zabaleta in Naguanagua 

They restore the work “La Menina” by maestro Zabaleta in Naguanagua 

The restoration was carried out within the framework of the municipality's anniversary

The Mayor's Office of Naguanagua restored the work “Homage to Our Lady”, known as “La Menina”, by the teacher Wladimir Zabaleta, within the framework of the 242nd anniversary of the municipality.

Ana González, mayor, reported that the work, located in Redoma de Guaparo, was reinstalled after suffering damage due to a road accident.

He highlighted that “La Menina” was completely restored by the plastic artist who accompanied Zabaleta in its creation, which guaranteed that no details will be modified.

“Here we are, at the entrance to our municipality, leaving the beautiful Menina ready, an extraordinary structure that adorns Naguanagua. “It was impeccable work that restores integrity to the work,” he said.

González pointed out that “Homage to Our Lady” is a tribute from the late teacher Wladimir Zabaleta to the Virgin of Begoña, patron saint of the town. It is assembled in stainless steel and is part of the cultural heritage of Naguanagua and the state of Carabobo.

“This work is now installed again to welcome the people of Naguanagüenses, Carabobeños and anyone who visits us. Here is your Menina Naguanagua, in your day,” he highlighted.

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