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Fox cub rescued in the town of Naguanagua 

The fox is in the custody of experts from the Valencia ZooAquarium

Residents of the Naguanagua municipality rescued a fox cub that became separated from its pack in a wooded area in the Los Mangos II sector.

Jacobo Vidarte, an expert on the subject, reported through his social networks that the sighting of the specimen was achieved at approximately 7:00 pm this Saturday, via González Plaza.

He explained that the neighbors heard the community's dogs barking intensely and as they approached, they realized the presence of the species, cornered by the animals.

“They immediately proceeded to capture the specimen to protect it from the dogs,” said Vidarte.

He commented that the fox weighs approximately 1.5 kilos.

Once the puppy was rescued, for its medical check-up, the neighbors notified officials from the Environmental Nursery, Ministry of Ecosocialism, UC Firefighters and Naguanagua Rescue Group.

The fox was transferred to the ZooAquarium of Valencia, where an evaluation will be carried out by specialists to determine if it is sufficiently mature to survive if it is reintroduced into a forested area.

“They should evaluate him to know his age because because he is so small, he may not even know how to look for food,” he added.

Vidarte recalled that constant encounters with wildlife in populated spaces are due to forest fires and human occupation in their areas.

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