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Valencian children enjoyed the XLI Papagayos Festival  

Authorities seek to promote interest in traditional games in boys and girls

The tradition of the parrot filled with color the Guacamaya field located in the Valencia municipality of Carabobo state at the XLI Papagayos Festival, an activity that brought color and joy to boys and girls of that entity.

More than 400 children from different educational institutions participated in this recreational day, according to a press release.

Likewise, he points out that the objective of the activity was to promote traditional games among Venezuelan children and adolescents.

The member of the National Promotion Team of the Future Movement, Dheliz Álvarez, participated in this festival together with the mayor of the Valencia municipality, Julio Fuenmayor.

In this regard, he advanced the initiative to request that National Parrot Day be declared "and that it be born from here, in Valencia, La Candelaria parish," he noted.

The ever-present parrot

“When I was a child, from this same field I was already participating in the Papagayo Festival, and I was also in a dance group; But at that time this field was not like this, and thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution, President Maduro, the governor and our young mayor we have a beautiful field in La Guacamaya,” said Álvarez.

For his part, Mayor Fuenmayor stated that this traditional game does not and will not go out of style. “The parrot is present in all generations, as our President says, it is present in all five generations,” he said.

Regarding the Papagayo Festival, Rafael Pineda, coordinator of the Tabare Cultural and Conservation Group of Carabobo state, pointed out that the main objective is to serve children, adolescents and adults through workshops and visiting schools. He explained that this traditional game is an instrument to expand ideas and creativity, while highlighting the importance of promoting analog activities and reducing children's excessive immersion in technology.

“Right now they say that there is no alternative for recreation, that technology has children immersed; We say that there is recreation, magic, color and creativity,” she said. He added that children should take control of the mountains “because that peak protects them and teaches them that we must take care of Mother Earth.”

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