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Rains left more than 1.600 families affected in Morón 

Homes in Palma Sola, El Jabillo and Barrio Unión, among others, registered flooding

More than 1.600 families in the Juan José Mora municipality (Carabobeño coast) were affected by the rainfall recorded this Tuesday in the state.

According to the Redan Central report, more than 1500 homes in sectors 3 and 6 of Palma Sola in the Moron parish were completely flooded.

In addition, two main roads, a bridge and three fallen trees were recorded as a result of the rains.

Other sectors that reported damage to homes with water inlet and outlet are: Jabillo 2, El Mamón, Barrio Chino and Barrio Unión.

The mayor of Juan José Mora, Alirio Sánchez, reported that since this Tuesday, firefighters from Carabobo, local firefighters and different addresses of his office have been deployed to clear the roads and allow the water to drain towards the beach.

“It was a hard four hours, four hours of intense rain. A downpour of water that we didn't have time for, a product of this tropical wave in the Carabobeño axis. We see that the water was dammed and generated flooding,” he commented.

He explained that with the help of two backhoes and more than 30 people it was possible to open “the mouth towards the beach” and unload the sectors.

“Thank God we have no human losses or situations to regret,” he added.

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