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Lacava: Carabobo will reduce activities to reduce electrical load 

The measure will apply during peak hours of electricity consumption

The governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, announced that in the coming days a decree will be issued to suspend activities in public administration entities during peak hours of the day.

In a video published on his social networks, the regional president explained that the measure seeks to reduce rationing in the entity, with the purpose of reducing the electrical load during those times.

He highlighted that the decree includes public offices of national, regional and municipal dependency, which must stop their work during the hours that generate the highest consumption.

“I prefer to work at times when there are no electricity peaks before rationing the people of Carabobo (…) I prefer to go out to work at 10 at night than having to ration people at 3 pm or 7 pm, when they come home from work,” he emphasized.

In that sense, he assured that he will communicate with large consumers of electricity in the state to ask them to be aware of the matter.

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