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Comprehensive day Venezuela Nuestra served more than 2.500 Carabobeños

The operation benefited 13 communities of Naguanagua

More than 2.500 people from the Naguanagua municipality received medical-social care through a comprehensive “Venezuela Nuestra” event, held on Rómulo Gallegos Boulevard.

Ana González, mayor, reported that 13 local communities were served in the activity.

“The sectors served are Capremco, Nueva Esparta I and II, Barrio Colón, Tarapío II, Urb.Tarapío, Barrio Oeste I and II; Güere I, II and III, Valle Verde and Santa Ana,” he detailed.

He commented that among the services offered are comprehensive medicine, dentistry, haircuts, medication delivery, domestic gas distribution, specialized services at 0800- Bigote and recreational activities.

“The entire cavalry came to this deployment to serve the residents of these communities with health services, food, medicine, dentistry, beauty, delivery of medicines, Gas-Dracula. With the support of Insalud, State institutions and 0800-Bigote, a program that Governor Rafael Lacava has implemented in Carabobo, in line with the social policies of President Nicolás Maduro,” he expressed.

González stated that it is the fourth day of “Our Venezuela” carried out by the national, regional and local Executive in Naguanagua.

"From the city council, an approach was carried out prior to the operation, with the support of the structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), to locate those people who require special attention and thus could benefit from each of the attentions, especially in everything related to the health service,” he noted.

For her part, Elizabeth Niño, executive director of 0800-Bigote, reported that more than 3 medications were distributed on the day.

“We delivered more than 3000 medications. In addition, we incorporate attention to the grandfathers and grandmothers of the country, as well as to all the great new generation missions,” he indicated.

On the day, two CT scanners, a dental unit, general medicine, urology, gynecology, cardiology, pediatrics and geriatrics, among others, were set up.

“We were able to perform pelvic ultrasounds for pregnant women, cytology, electrocardiograms and echocardiograms for older adults,” Niño emphasized.

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