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I Meeting of Communal Economic Circuits took place in Carabobo 

On Friday, the First National Meeting of Communal Economic Circuits culminated in the Guacara municipality, a space for the exchange of experiences and achievements achieved in this matter.

The event held at the Collection Center of the “Hecho en Comuna” Corporation, the former Marivelca company, had the participation of community members and farmers from the 24 states of the country.

At the meeting, notable topics were addressed such as the transportation system for communal production, the textile industry and industrial capacity in the agricultural field, among others.

Jorge Arreaza, vice president of the PSUV for the Communes, pointed out that despite the 960 sanctions imposed on Venezuela, the courage of the people "has made it possible to end inflation and shortages."

In that sense, he thanked the Marivelca workers for promoting the establishment of this Collection Center under the figure of social ownership for the benefit not only of the workers, but of the communes.

“This is a demonstration of socialism, this belongs to all of you comrades, take advantage of it, protect it and defend it in every way,” he stated.

For his part, Hernán Vargas, Vice Minister of Communal Economy of the Ministry of Popular Power for the Communes, highlighted that more than 84 communal economic circuits participated in the meeting, involving more than 256 communes in the country.

He noted that this effort has become tangible with the production of coffee, flour, paper, coconut cream, clothing, food, wood services, blacksmithing, among many others.

“The intention is that the communal economic circuits with more advanced processes cooperate and integrate the communes that are beginning their productive projects, such as breeding, planting coffee, cocoa, as a great space to strengthen this collective brand that the President created. Nicolás Maduro, in order to produce with quality and organization, without intermediaries, without debt, without exploitation,” he emphasized.

 Representatives of the 84 communal circuits attended the activity.

Communal circuits in Carabobo 

Harina Chourio, state director of Mincomunas in Carabobo, assured that the entity is making progress in the construction of five economic circuits with the participation of the 137 communes of the state.

“The first is already in process, breeding for subsequent development of meat protein under the brand Carne Hecha en Comuna, for a possible exchange with other communes at the national level. “We have been advancing in that production,” he expressed.

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