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They provide Christian-evangelical congregations in Carabobo

60 temples received technical equipment and furniture kits from the Venezuela Bella Mission

The National Government, through the My Well-Equipped Church Plan of the Venezuela Bella Mission, favored 60 Christian-evangelical congregations from the 14 municipalities of the Carabobo state.

The governor of the entity, Rafael Lacava, reported that more than 16 thousand people benefited from the provision of kits containing 30 plastic chairs, a 15” 800W sound horn with its stand, two microphones with their cable sets, and LED light bulbs. and first aid combos.

“The equipment kits include technical and furniture tools to strengthen the preaching of values ​​in Christ, which allow the elevation of the spirit of the Christian people who live in Carabobo, promoting the union between brothers and the good life of the people,” he said. .

During the activity, the governor noted that the Venezuela Bella Mission in Carabobo has visited 274 religious centers, including some 38 Catholic churches and 236 Christian-evangelical temples.

“These are part of the total of 3.844 religious centers, 758 Catholic churches and 3.086 Christian-evangelical temples, served to date throughout the national territory,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Valencia, Julio Fuenmayor, commented that the Carabobo capital has been supporting “this army of God in order to generate spaces of spirituality.”

“It is very important to promote and carry the message of God from different spaces, today President Nicolás Maduró blesses us with this endowment, the Venezuela Bella Mission, and through the Vice Presidency of Religious Affairs this support has been consolidated for all churches Christians of Valencia”, he stated.

The day held at the Court for Peace and Life in the Bella Florida sector south of Valencia, was attended by mayors Diego Corrales, from San Joaquín; Óscar Orsini, from Libertador; the person responsible for Religious Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in Carabobo, Legislator Betzabeth Arroyo and members of the Venezuela Bella team.

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