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They provide furniture to 121 schools in Carabobo through 1×10

They gave tenure to more than 3.600 teachers

The national government provided equipment and furniture to 121 schools in Carabobo through the 1×10 of Good Government.

The Minister of Popular Power for Education, Yelitze Santaella, accompanied by the Single Education Authority in Carabobo, Xiomara Luna, delivered an important batch of tables-chairs, industrial kitchens, freezers, air conditioners, computers, printers and office equipment.

Likewise, the equipment included water tanks, pumps, cleaning materials and portable laboratories for the science area.

“This is how the 1X10 of Good Government arrives at each of the Carabobean educational institutions, an action aimed at advancing in the fulfillment of the goal of reconditioning the educational infrastructure to convert each school into the epicenter of social and territorial development throughout the country” , he highlighted.

Earlier, in an event held in the spaces of the “Teodoro Gubaira” Indoor Gymnasium in Valencia, the Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella and Governor Rafael Lacava, handed over ownership to more than 3600 teachers from Carabobo.

Lacava explained that this is a gesture that, on behalf of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, recognizes the commitment of Carabobean educators, by incorporating 3663 new entrants with their ownership, but at the same time delivering retirement certificates to 3716. teachers, teachers, cook mothers, male and female workers.

 “Today they receive fair and well-deserved recognition from the state and the Government, to enter as regular teachers, regular workers, regular cooks,” he stated.

For her part, Minister Yelitze Santaella assured that this is an act of justice for the teaching sector of Carabobo who have demonstrated their commitment to the people, "shapers of values ​​and love for the Homeland."

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