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Storytellers and storytellers take their stories to schools in Valencia

IV National Meeting "Storytellers and Storytellers" inaugurated in Carabobo in tribute to Douglas Morales and Jacobo Ocho

The Government of Carabobo inaugurated the IV National Meeting “Storytellers and Storytellers 2024”, in the spaces of the Museum of Culture, located in the Valencia municipality.

Nathaly Bustamante, Secretary of Culture of the entity, reported that the event is part of the Great Mission “Long live Venezuela my Beloved Homeland.”

He indicated that cultists from ten states of the country participate in the meeting, including Bolívar, Carabobo, Aragua, Portuguesa and Barinas.

 “This meeting seeks to capture the country's talent and strengthen cultural policies at the national level,” he indicated.  

The activity will take picturesque Venezuelan stories to 14 schools, a university, three public squares, boulevards and different streets.

“All this thanks to the support of the Secretariats of Culture and Education, to show other communities about the oral traditions of the entire national territory,” said the storyteller, Luis Cedeño.

The IV edition of the meeting pays tribute to the oral narrators Douglas Morales and Jacobo Ochoa.

The event will run until this Saturday, May 18.

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