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0800 Mustache reaches one year with repowered ambulance fleet

Twenty new Chinese units will reinforce transfers in the entity

With the acquisition of 20 ambulances to its fleet of medical units, the 0800-Mustache mobile health program reached its first anniversary.

At a press conference, Elizabeth Niño, president of the entity, reported that the vehicles of Chinese origin are added to the more than 100 medical units, cars, motorcycles, and mobile imaging equipment acquired by the national and regional government.

He stressed that the purpose is to promote the well-being of Carabobo families, with the latest technology medical equipment to provide home care, transfers, pre-hospital assistance in road events and emergencies.

“Among the equipment in the health vehicles are oxygenation sets and cylinders, a wall-mounted blood pressure monitor, a manual resuscitator, nebulizers, neck braces, a power inverter, air conditioning, an impact stretcher, a spinal mobilization table, and a glera aspirator,” he emphasized. .

Niño commented that during this first year, 0800 Bigote has more than 160 vehicles, including 70 transfer ambulances, which include 4 Intensive Care Units, distributed in 2 ICUs for neonatal and 2 ICUs for adults, 50 specialized health units , divided into pediatrics, geriatrics, urology, gynecology, cardiology, and dentistry.

He stated that the health program also has 3 mobile imaging units: 2 mobile tomographs, 1 mammography unit and breast ultrasound. In addition to motorcycles manned by paramedics. 

Elizabeth Niño pointed out that this year, more than 23 thousand specialized studies have been carried out, providing medical care to patients from Carabobo, even from other states of the country.

Regarding the program staff, Niño emphasized that around 800 people live in the institution (92 paramedics and 158 general practitioners, among others).

“Surprises and new sub-headquarters are coming to optimize the service,” he exclaimed.

The health program has carried out more than 23 thousand studies

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