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Upata celebrated 262 years between history and modernism

The city of the 7 hills is established as an agricultural producing municipality of the entity.

With the celebration of a mass to thank God for the kindness received, the population of Upata in the Piar municipality began the celebration of its 262 years and once the ecclesiastical event was completed, the Cleb held the solemn session relevant to the day festive venue.

Once the protocol acts were carried out, the mayor of the Piar municipality, Yulisbeth García, explained that the modernization of Upata is due to the execution of public policies applied effectively in each of the corners of social care.

García indicated that the city of the 7 hills is also established as the agricultural producing municipality of the entity, due to the benefits of the land, which makes it optimal for the development of livestock and agriculture, while highlighting the work together of the public and private sectors.

Likewise, “La Tata” as the inhabitants of the Piar municipality call her, pointed out that the entire local development plan, “has been carried out in a coherent manner, attending to and strengthening the most important services of our town and then moving on to another level of care.” .

In that sense, he explained that with the placement of more than 15 thousand tons of asphalt on streets and avenues, added to the plan to implement LED lighting in different sectors, Upata "combines history, modernity and comprehensive growth in all its areas."

García commented that all the work carried out in the municipality is part of a joint effort with the national and regional executive, who have established an entire route of care in favor of the group.

“President Nicolás Maduro, through his ingenious 1×10 method, has allowed all public services to be strengthened, because there is already a defined care network together with the government for each issue to be addressed,” said the Mayor.

The festive activity had a cultural display, a day in the sleeve of Coleus and local talent where all the popular living forces, as well as the civil and military authorities present, were delighted with everything and once all the protocol acts were completed, they proceeded to sing the 262nd birthday to the Villa del Yocoima.

Perfect victory 

La líder Psuv politician explained that there is an entire route drawn up to “guarantee the perfect victory this 28J and it will be a resounding victory full of morale and gratitude for President Nicolás Maduro.”

García pointed out that the entire political machinery of the municipality is tuned and operational for the great display of what will be the electoral contest, while ensuring that "the hope of Upata continues in the streets hand in hand with Nicolás."

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