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Saint Felix moved from house to house for hope

A troupe to the rhythm of the Calypso of El Callao along with a river swollen from the town, mobilized in the Dalla Costa parish of San Félix, in the house-to-house day of the Psuv, social movements and the different parties of the patriotic pole.

The political day was headed by Governor Ángel Marcano, who assured that "it is the people themselves who defend their hope in the streets, their achievements in the streets, that is why every day from house to house is a popular celebration."

Marcano indicated that these house-to-house conferences “deepen the relationship between the people and their government and are part of political action, which is why today we have a conscious population that does not believe in blackmail and knows that it is Nicolás Maduro who defends them.”

The organized popular power accompanied by the structures of the Psuv and social movements will continue in the streets as part of the victory plan for 28J.

“Hope is in the streets of San Félix, house to house, sector by sector, defending the legacy and guaranteeing the victory of the brother president Nicolás Maduro, which represents the dignity of a people that decided to be free,” concluded Marcano.

For the mayor of Caroní, Tito Oviedo, the clearest display of loyalty was reflected in this day, which filled several streets in the Dalla Costa parish, which is why he assured that victory on June 28 is guaranteed.

“Today under a torrential downpour we saw an active people coming out in defense of a hope that represents millions who know that the good of a country does not belong to a few surnames, but to the national feeling that is called the Bolivarian revolution,” Oviedo concluded.

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