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They rehabilitate the Gustavo Gil Special Education Institute in Bolívar

The institution has 34 boys and girls who will enjoy the new spaces to carry out their activities

The parents and representatives of the Gustavo Gil Viamonte Special Education Institute received a response to the request they made, through the 1×10 of Good Government, by completely rehabilitating and conditioning the educational unit, located in Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar state.

With a student population of 34 boys and girls with functional diversity, the Institute will have new spaces that will allow it to develop the different activities prepared for each student.

The educational institute was subjected to a total intervention, which included waterproofing, air conditioning of the classrooms, placement of paint in all its spaces, technical attention in the green areas and demarcation in all its paths.

The work also includes new furniture as well as external teaching areas, in which all the knowledge learned in the different classrooms will be reinforced.

Sergio Hernández, mayor of the Angostura del Orinoco municipality, pointed out that these tasks were carried out after a request from 1×10, while highlighting the level of trust that the population maintains in the direct care mechanism created by the national executive.

“Today we deliver here in La Sabanita a dignified space for our children with functional diversity thanks to our president Nicolás Maduro and this wonderful 1×10 strategy,” commented Hernández.

The Mayor explained that in addition to this unit, more than 10 educational centers have been attended to simultaneously in order to advance the strengthening of the municipal educational infrastructure plan.

Lizeth Gómez, director of the Gustavo Gil Viamonte Special Education Institute, assured that these tasks will increase the range of scope in the progress of skills in each student, which added to the commitment of each teacher will continue to raise the educational level.

Likewise, Gómez expressed his gratitude for each work carried out and pointed out that they will last over time, due to the commitment of the entire community of students, teachers, parents and representatives.

The director of the academic center pointed out that with the new conditions of the Institute, student enrollment will also be able to increase, a fact that in her opinion will benefit the community and surrounding sectors.

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