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Psuv Mujer Caroní carries out parish training sessions

321 UBCh commissioners will guide more than 112 political structures established in the municipality on the training route

More than 600 women from the Psuv mujer Caroní met in the auditorium of the town's mayor's office, to deploy the political training route in the 11 parishes of the municipality, this in order to protect the right to vote of each of the women.

The assembly, which brought together the líderIt is policies of each sector, it will seek to fine-tune the entire electoral machinery through a training plan that will begin house by house, which will serve to raise the level of reach in terms of social policies to protect the population promoted by the national executive.

321 UBCh commissioners will guide more than 112 political structures established in the municipality and will adapt to the plan of the Venezuela Nuestra Command. 

Oritsy Rojas, municipal female Psuv commissioner, indicated that the entire deployment will add different elements to the party's organization, in terms of the execution of the electoral strategy for June 28.

“We assume the comprehensive defense of the Bolivarian revolution and today we are defining the entire strategy to guarantee the victory of President Nicolás Maduro in the elections because we want to leave our children a prosperous and peaceful country,” commented the deputy to the Legislative Council.

Rojas commented that the entire female vanguard of the Psuv rejects the position of sectors of the Venezuelan opposition that "flirt with leaving the democratic path and seek to generate chaos and violence in the country."

Likewise, the spokesperson highlighted the national president's commitment to the population despite the economic sanctions against the nation, while rejecting the speech of "some opposition spokesmen who call themselves líder"That is, they only appear when there are elections and they do not know the true feelings of the people."

For Rojas, “hope is in the streets thanks to the leadership and morale of President Nicolás Maduro, who has fully fulfilled the mission entrusted by Commander Chávez.”

In Caroní, it is expected that more than 20 thousand women will be part of the women's movement for the homeland created by the Psuv mujer, so Rojas assured that they will continue in the streets alongside each popular female living force, strengthening their actions.

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