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Operations begin at La Carata bauxite mine in Upata

The first bauxite deposit in the state is located in the Cedeño municipality.

With the installation of the foundation stone, CVG Bauxilum, began the exploitation operations of the bauxite deposit, located in the La Carata mine in the Piar municipality of Bolívar state.

This new industrial project is part of the economic advance carried out by the national executive, which seeks to develop the region as the country's non-oil economic alternative.

The first bauxite deposit in the state is located in the Cedeño municipality, in the town of Pijiguaos, 8 hours from CVG Bauxilum, while this new deposit is located less than an hour from the company.

More than 44 thousand hectares of this new deposit will be used to generate local and national development, which added to the three thousand hectares of the Cedeño municipality, will significantly increase production in the aluminum sector throughout its productive link.

Ernesto Rivero, president of Bauxilum, pointed out that the productive dynamics of the region will change radically, as he maintains that the logistical levels of transporting the material to the factory will occur in the shortest time.

“This represents a victory for Nicolás Maduro, a victory for the people that radically hits the intentions of the empire to want to undermine the sovereignty of a country that determined to be free regardless of the economic sanctions placed on them,” Rivero stated.

The president of Bauxilum assured that all social vertices were taken into account, which is why he detailed that the entire point and circle of the site will be attended to, generating jobs and structures that will directly raise the quality of life of the inhabitants of Upata.

Within the aluminum production chain, bauxite is the raw material for both CVG Venalum and Alcasa to establish their products, hence the importance of this new deposit that will have a direct impact on the national economy.

Unofficially, it was known that the working class of Bauxilum had extracted more than 600 thousand tons of bauxite, a material that exceeds 80% purity, a fact that according to Rivero “ratifies the victory of President Nicolás Maduro due to his resilience, perseverance and commitment to defend the Venezuelan people.”

Governor Ángel Marcano, the president of the CVG, Héctor Silva, participated in the protocol activity; the mayor of the Piar municipality, Yulisbeth García and the different presidents of the basic companies of Guayana.

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