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Hidrobolívar deployed night brigade to attend to 1×10

Hydrological crews are working 24 hours a day

What began with a VenApp request for the reinforcement of an 8-inch pipe that will benefit more than two thousand families in the Unare parish of the Caroní municipality, was the beginning of the deployment of the Hidrobolívar night care brigade.

This was reported by Daniel Valenzuela, president of the regional hydrological agency, who explained that this new work dynamic will allow the range of care and coverage to be increased in the first instance, in terms of 1×10 cases.

Likewise, he explained that reinforcing the 8-inch pipe will feed an entire 4-inch pipe system which will increase the pressure of the vital liquid, ensuring that more than 500 families can receive the pipe service 24 hours a day.

Valenzuela highlighted that the implementation of this modality is part of the cayapa plan, which Hidrobolívar is carrying out in the 11 municipalities of the entity, while indicating that each work is carried out in compliance with the action protocol of the Ministry for Water.

“As it should be, we added all the hydrological operational readiness to the service of the well-being of the people, because this operational offensive is here to stay,” Valenzuela stated.

It was also known that the night crews of men and women from the hydrological department will be connected to the 1×10 situational room, to guarantee that the level of response occurs in real time.

“Together with Governor Ángel Marcano we have established an action plan that we have been executing to comply with plan 95, created by President Nicolás Maduro, and today we can say that we are already at 85% of attention in the cases,” Valenzuela concluded. .

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