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Ciudad Guayana adds 300 new economic activity licenses

Health, maintenance, industries, food were the favored sectors

300 new merchants from different sectors received their respective economic activity licenses from the mayor of Caroní, Tito Oviedo, to consolidate their different ventures.

Health, maintenance, industries, food were the sectors favored on this day, which are distributed in the 11 parishes of the municipality.

With these 300 new licenses, the number of permits issued so far this year rises to 524, which reflects a considerable rebound in the local economy with a national impact.

The Mayor of Caroní explained that the exponential growth of economic activity is due to the implementation of a fiscal policy, “which has been established as a culture, because it is important to sow a culture of respect for taxes because it is necessary to understand that the collective good lies there".

Oviedo pointed out that, taking stock of the tax harmonization law, he highlighted that the unification of criteria has left “a positive record because the commercial economy is comprehensively understood and each vertex that affects the production of our merchants is taken into account.”

Likewise, the local authority rejected the discredit campaign by opposition political leaders against the tax culture, intending to "use merchants for their purposes of sabotage and chaos, but truth and conscience always win."

Downtown Puerto Ordaz

Oviedo explained that all entrepreneurs who decide to join in the creation of commercial activity in the center of Puerto Ordaz will receive tax exemption during 2024 and 2025, as part of the plan to consolidate economic activity in the center of Puerto Ordaz. .

For entrepreneurs and companies that already remain in the center of Puerto Ordaz, the mayor's office will offer an exemption of up to 70%, as the case may be as part of the incentive, for which Oviedo assured that "the growth of the city is not defined by political card, but by the work of each and everyone.”

Economic strengthening

The metalworking and tourism sectors will open to a cycle of strengthening with the implementation of new incentive models ranging from 50% to 70% during the remainder of 2024 and 2025.

“These incentives for these important sectors will consolidate an entire dynamic of comprehensive and harmonious growth in the city because we know where the economic strength is located and we are in line with national policies,” Oviedo concluded.

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