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Ciudad Bolívar celebrated 260 years between history and modernity

Locals will enjoy concerts and different activities throughout the anniversary week

260 years after its founding, the historic capital of the country arrived, Ciudad Bolívar, the one that experienced transcendental, important political and social events that marked the life of the nation, where The Liberator gave the Angostura speech in 1819.

The state capital has living history between its streets and walls, as its historic center along with its illuminated colonial houses, give way to modern structures that are part of the daily life of its inhabitants.

With the customary mass, celebrated in the Cathedral of Ciudad Bolívar, civil and military authorities offered thanksgiving to God, to continue with the divine blessing on the Angostura of the Orinoco.

Once the ecclesiastical event was over, attendees walked at least 50 meters, heading towards the emblematic Congress House of Angostura to honor the Liberator Simón Bolívar with a floral offering, and seal, with different protocol acts, their commitment to development. Of the entity.

Under the sun of the capital city of the entity, the solemn session of the Legislative Council proceeded, which took place in the capital's Plaza Bolívar and included Governor Ángel Marcano, as the keynote speaker.

Marcano walked through history, highlighting what was achieved by El Libertador Simón Bolívar and affirmed that today Venezuela faces “the same imperial oligarchy that was defeated by our Liberator,” so he was emphatic in maintaining that the national government “will continue the legacy.” of Bolívar and Chávez at the hands of Nicolás Maduro.”

He also recalled that it was The Liberator who warned more than 200 years ago that “the United States were the new enemies and he was not wrong, they (the United States) became the emerging empire, subjugating the people of the world along the path of his warlike policy.”

He described the sovereign decision that Venezuela made to be independent as “unforgivable for the United States,” and added that the economic sanctions against the country are part of the continued policy of “submission to the peoples who decided to be free.”

He indicated that, currently, sectors of the Venezuelan opposition are trying to replicate the same plans of the past, “ignoring a constant in these 25 years of revolution, which is the firm decision of the people to be free and chart their course without imperial guides.”

He said that the support of the national government in Ciudad Bolívar is reflected "every day with works that directly affect the benefit of each Bolivar, such as hospitals, CDI and everything that is the comprehensive beautification plan."

Marcano, along with the other civil and military authorities present, recognized the work of cultists and personalities of the state with the presentation of a decoration.

260 years celebration

Governor Ángel Marcano announced, together with Mayor Sergio Hernández, that as part of the celebration of the 260 years of Ciudad Bolívar, there will be a mega concert, which will bring together various talents from the country and musical genres.

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