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First load of bauxite from Los Pijiguaos arrives in Guayana

The mineral will be incorporated into the production process of the alumina plant and then to the companies in the aluminum sector.

From the CVG Bauxilum Dock, located in Matanzas, Puerto Ordaz, the arrival of the first barge train with a full load of bauxite, coming from a mine located in the Cedeño municipality, specifically in Los Pijiguaos, was reported.

Ernesto Rivero, president of CVG Bauxilum, pointed out that this first navigation arrival in 2024 will consolidate the productive dynamics with the companies in the aluminum sector of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana.

The mineral from the Pijiguaos made a river journey of 353 nautical miles, which, once deposited in the warehouse under strict quality controls, will be transformed into calcined alumina in metallurgical grade, to then continue with the national production chain through CVG Venalum and CVG Alcasa.

“As instructed by our President Nicolás Maduro, today together with our staff we inspect the process of the arrival of the bauxite, complying with quality standards, which translates into economic sovereignty for the country,” said the president of CVG Bauxilum. .

Rivero, accompanied by the factory's working class, highlighted the commitment of men and women to strengthen the entire industrial system of the region, which is why he noted that production capacities will increase with the incorporation of the new bauxite deposit located in the Piar municipality, which was announced last March by President Nicolás Maduro.

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Rivero explained that after the announcement of the reactivation of the works on the third bridge over the Orinoco River, located in the Cedeño municipality, Bauxilum continues to implement an entire social policy in the population of Pijiguaos, which is part of the comprehensive development of area.

“Before, during and we are sure that after the announcements of President Nicolás Maduro, for not only the reactivation of the third bridge over the Orinoco River, but for an entire rebirth of the local economy, we will continue to contribute, raising the quality of life of our town".

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