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Well-matched leggings, they will look great and you will be comfortable

Certain garments have taken over the Venezuelan urban catwalk. Here are some tips to wear them properly and make sure everyone's eyes are on you.


• They are not for every day, nor for all bodies.

• Be careful with underwear and see-through clothing.

• Well combined they will look great and you will be comfortable.

• Minimize prints, use them in moderation.


• A detail on a blouse looks delicate.

• A lace dress, without much neckline, looks sexy.

• Keep in mind that lingerie is not for going out to parties or going out.


• They are not just for sports. Hiking-style sneakers with especially thick soles and robust designs work equally well with long dresses or minis.

• If what you are looking for is comfort, this trend is perfect for you.


• Same as leggings, Unfortunately, they are not for everyone.

• The idea is to hide the love handles, not highlight them.

• Be careful with visible underwear.

• Use a leash if necessary.


• Combine it with dark clothes.

• Keep in mind that animal print goes beyond leopard.

• A single detail will make you look good, try a purse, some shoes, or a blouse.

NOTE: Animal print  + Animal print disaster

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