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Showing off the belly

Celebrate your pregnant belly in style

The only belly in the world that should never be hidden is the pregnant belly, here are some tips to look radiant and stylish during the first months.

• During the first months it is not necessary to stagnate in only maternity clothes, use what you normally wear looking to show off your belly.

• To avoid confusion and look pregnant and not chubby, you should highlight the length instead of the width, which is why it is best to wear long tunics with dark-colored pants.

• If, on the other hand, you are very thin, wear tight clothing, but always comfortable, both top and bottom; For example leggins and prints on the top, which will make your tummy more noticeable.

• If you are flirty, you can use thin belts as an accessory at belly level which will highlight the silhouette of your belly; If it is rounder at the bottom than at the top, use it at the waist to mark it.

• Greek style jumpsuits and long dresses are one of the most practical options and they also have different styles and colors that will make you look good and highlight your pregnancy.

• Since heels will not be the most comfortable or recommended option, opt for ballerinas, sandals or casual shoes; You can combine them with your clothes and they won't hurt your feet.

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