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Lotus flower purity of spirit

“The lotus is the flower that grows in the mud. “The deeper and thicker the mud, the more beautiful the lotus flower blooms” CHINESE PROVERB

The Lotus Flower is recognized as the only flower that emerges full of beauty from the deep, dark waters of the swamp. It has a great capacity for resistance, growing and surviving in swampy areas. Due to this particularity, it is associated with difficult and complex processes that human beings can experience and their ability to flourish with spiritual elevation and purity.

Its impalpable meaning focuses on the triumph of the spirit over the senses, connecting with wisdom and knowledge. Its seeds can germinate after ten centuries, therefore it is also associated with longevity. It symbolizes the purity of the body and soul, since it never reveals its interior and is always completely closed. And it also connects with hope, as it shows us that difficult situations sometimes make us discover the best in ourselves.

The Lotus Flower goes from the darkness of the mud to the clarity of the water, in order to bloom on the surface. He doesn't need to fight the mud to grow, he does it naturally, accepting his situation and his place. This reality invites us to see that, sometimes, the key to overcoming difficult situations is to begin by accepting them, without forcing them. This way we can clearly see the learning and the path to follow.

There are a variety of representations of the Lotus Flower, the ideal ones are glass ones and depending on their color we connect:

 BLUE: wisdom, knowledge and serenity.

 WHITE AINOA SHIRT FOR WOMEN o TRANSPARENT: perfection of spirit and mind, a state of total purity.

• RED: love, passion, initiative, emotion and strength.

• PINK: It is related to divine characters, such as the Great Buddha.

• GREEN: balance, happiness, harmony, success, optimism and youth.

• YELLOW: joy and energy.

• MULTICOLORED: It represents all the colors of the rainbow, a symbol of alliance and serenity.

In China she is known as Lian Hua. “Lian” translates as “successive” or “lasting” and therefore symbolizes lasting good luck and longevity, which is why in the practice of Feng Shui it is suggested to place the Lotus Flower in spaces:

• As an activator, to generate a positive and harmonious environment.

• Whether natural or not, it allows us to balance and activate the CHI energy, the vital energy of the area we want to enhance.

• It is a transmuting symbol of energy.

• It is associated with inner harmony, self-improvement, good luck, love and prosperity.

• It is linked to fertility.

This beautiful flower or representation can be located in any space on the energy map, however to the NORTH, it is representing the element of Water. This element provides mental clarity and symbolizes overcoming obstacles. An excellent activator to balance and harmonize the vital energy in this space, in addition to providing beauty and clarity.

A Chinese proverb says “The lotus is the flower that grows in the mud. "The deeper and thicker the mud, the more beautifully the lotus flower blooms."

The secret in Systemic Feng Shui (wind and water-conscious) decorating for a healthy and happy home is maintaining harmony and balance. I offer you solutions adapted to all needs and I invite you to contact me whenever you want. Until the next meeting Rose Feng Shui.

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