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Zamora de Barinas flask reopened

Venezuela Bella Mission completed rehabilitation work on public space

The national government, through the Venezuela Bella Mission, carried out the rehabilitation of the iconic Ezequiel Zamora vial, known as Punto Fresco in the city of Barinas.

The reopening was led by the president of Venezuela Bella, Jacqueline Faria; Mayor Rafael Paredes; the commander of Operation Battle Santa Inés, Lenín Guillermo Herrera; the rector of Unellez, Adán Chávez; among other authorities.

The work carried out included rehabilitation of a modern fountain, lighting, painting, decoration and gardening, as well as improvement of the statue of General Ezequiel Zamora.

The activity was enlivened with a joropodrome, with the participation of 150 dance couples, as well as musical presentations by renowned Venezuelan artists from the Llanera entity.

Faria expressed all the efforts of the Government, headed by President Nicolás Maduro, to provide spaces for the enjoyment of the people.

He said that, despite the blockade and the constant attacks from the opposition, the national Executive continues to provide answers and continues to work on different projects, providing solutions and moving forward with the 1×10 of good government.

“The delivery of this vial to the people of Barinas represents the revolutionary action to provide the greatest amount of happiness possible to the people of Barinas. This work is part of the set that will be delivered to the city,” he said.


The Venezuela Bella Mission delivered the rehabilitated church Our Lady of the Rosary of Aránzazu located in the Santa Rita municipality on the Eastern Coast of Lake Maracaibo, Zulia state.

The national government carried out the reconstruction of the temple, after the roof and part of the walls of the church collapsed on August 17, 2023, without fatalities or any kind, leaving the images and relic of the church intact. Virgin of the Rosary of Aránzazu.

The president of the Venezuela Bella Mission, accompanied by the mayor of Santa Rita, Alenis Guerrero, carried out the formal ceremony of handing over to the bishop of the diocese of Cabimas, Ángel Francisco Caraballo, and the parish administrator, Robert Nava.

Monsignor Caraballo began the reopening of the church and indicated the importance of working together “to achieve goals like these, which are part of life, of the daily life of human beings, a spiritual refuge where everyone equally shelters to worship. bye bye".

With information from Naiyelis Garcés and Juan Carlos Guillén

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