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They rehabilitate buildings in Ciudad Tavacare in Barinas

Minister Vladimir Padrino López inspected the work carried out by the institutions of the national government

National government institutions are executing a rehabilitation plan for buildings in the Ciudad Tavacare urban planning, belonging to the Great Venezuela Mission, located in the city of Barinas.

The work was inspected by the Minister of Defense and godfather of the 1×10 of Good Government, Vladimir Padrino López, accompanied by the commander of Operation Battle Ciudad de Nutrias, GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera Hernández; the head of ZODI N°32-Barinas, GD Pedro González Ovalles.

Padrino López indicated that under the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro this plan is being carried out to respond to the requests received through Venapp.

He highlighted that these actions benefit 5 families who reside in the housing complex.

The work is carried out jointly by the teams of the Ministries of Popular Power for Habitat and Housing, Public Works, Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor and the Venezuela Bella Mission.

The work includes the beautification of the infrastructure with comprehensive recovery in the improvement of the painting of the facades.

This complex has 335 blocks with 16 apartments, which will be intervened progressively. 

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