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Venezuela Bella Mission recovered “El Calvario” Catholic church in Barinas 

There are 760 churches rehabilitated by the national government throughout the country.

The national government, through the Venezuela Bella Mission, reopened the El Calvario church, located in the Rodríguez Domínguez urbanization, Rómulo Betancourt parish in the city of Barinas.

With the presence of the director of the Venezuela Bella Mission and political head of Barinas; Jaqueline Faria, together with Mayor Rafael Paredes, Deputy Amalia Pereira of the Psuv Religious Affairs Commission and Father Miguel Ángel Ruiz, cut the ribbon to hand over the fully recovered facilities to the parishioners.

This temple was built in the 70s and its structure was abandoned, so in response to requests from the 1×10 of the Good Government, work was carried out such as: repair of the roof, green areas, construction of the sacristy, bathrooms, the water tank, external and internal trim and painting, placing gravel on the floor. 

The electrical system was also recovered and the lighting changed, stained glass restored, and new landscaping that greets you upon entering. Additionally, as Commander Chávez taught, the point and circle were attended to, such as the police module, public lighting and surrounding facades.

With the recovery of this Catholic church there are 760 throughout the country, as stated by Jaqueline Faria, who was instructed by President Nicolás Maduro to take care of the temples to guarantee spaces for the people to strengthen and strengthen their faith.

“This space is too small for everything it has, it houses the saving energies, the transforming energies, the hopes, the hopes of all this people fit in here (…) Let us feel privileged to be in this space so small but so beautifully decorated, but “so close, so full of faith,” he mentioned.

Parishioners thanked the national Executive for carrying out the recovery of this space.

"Thanks to the Bolivarian government for leaving our chapel so beautiful, it is a total change (...) our children, young people, parishioners and other inhabitants both here and at the Fajardo Palace, Cristo Rey and San José benefit," said Damelis Gómez, member of the community.

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