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Minister of Transportation: Today the passage between Barinas and Táchira is restored 

Minister Ramón Velázquez Araguayán announced that this Sunday at 11:00 pm it is planned to open vehicular passage on this important road

The Minister of Popular Power for Transportation, Ramón Velázquez Araguayán, announced that this Sunday the reestablishment of vehicular passage between the states of Barinas and Táchira is planned. 

He reported that they are working hard to ensure that, starting at 11:00 pm on June 30, traffic and the connection between these two important states in the west of the country are resumed.

The minister supervised the work being carried out on the section of Trunk 005, at the height of the bridge over the Michay River, Antonio José de Sucre municipality in Barinas, which collapsed due to the rains on June 25.

During the inspection, the minister was accompanied by the Commander of Operation Battle Ciudad de Nutrias, GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera Hernández; Governor Sergio Garrido and Mayor Salvador Guerrero Márquez, among other authorities.

He indicated that by instructions from President Nicolás Maduro Moros, they have been working every day, both at night and in the early morning, in a planning carried out in coordination with the minister and godfather of the 1×10 of Good Government, GJ Vladímir Padrino López and the Political Liaison, Jacqueline Faria.

Pedestrian crossing continues to be monitored by authorities

In response to the emergency, the agencies enabled a pedestrian crossing for people to cross the river with the help of officials from the different security forces.

This action was carried out due to the lowering of the river waters and the need for citizens to pass through this passage.

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