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Machinery of the Psuv marched in Sabaneta de Barinas in support of Maduro

The activity was headed by Jaqueline Faria and the regional management of the red awning

The machinery of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela led a march through the main streets of Sabaneta, Alberto Arvelo Torrealba municipality in the state of Barinas.

The militancy of the Great Patriotic Pole also joined this activity to reiterate support for President Nicolás Maduro and in rejection of the sanctions imposed by the United States Government.

The day was headed by the regional political chief; Jaqueline Faria, liaison of the National Directorate of the Jpsuv, Wilmer Vásquez, Mayor Alexander Camacho, and other members of the State Political Team of the Psuv.

The working class, public officials and members of popular power participated in the mobilization with banners and slogans in support of the actions of the national Executive.

Faria stated that the people do not bow down to the claims of the United States.

“In the land where Chávez was born, in the land that saw him grow and walk, we reaffirm to President Maduro that we continue to be his soldiers. We are the people of Chávez, the people of the revolution, the people who do not bow down, the people who fight for the Homeland. Here is the strength of Venezuela, here is the spirit of Chávez! “He declared.

For his part, Mayor Camacho stated that hard work has been done with the 1×10 of Good Government responding to the communities.

“With the 1×10 machinery, we are meeting the needs of our people, we are building a more prosperous, fairer, more supportive municipality. “We are Chávez's PSUV, we are the people's party,” he mentioned.

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