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Rains caused damage in three municipalities of Barinas 

In Bolívar, damage was reported in the El Barragán sector, in the El Pagüey aqueduct and landslides on the road to Mérida.

The heavy rainfall recorded in recent days in the state of Barinas has caused damage to the municipalities of Bolívar, Pedraza and Andrés Eloy Blanco.

Regarding Bolívar, Mayor Mayra Jaramillo indicated that due to the rains, damage was reported to the El Pagüey aqueduct, near the El Barragán sector, causing failures in the water service to the Barinitas parish.

There were also some landslides on the Barinas – Mérida road and in the La Soledad sector a tree knocked down the power line, leaving families in the area without electricity.

“The heavy rainfall contributed to the collapse of a tree in La Soledad, which affected the power lines, which presented high human and material risk, since it was supported by the power lines which were energized. Likewise, the clearing of the high voltage lines in the La Yuquita sector was carried out,” he mentioned.

The local leader carried out an inspection in the affected areas and highlighted that together with the Ministry of Popular Power for Water, the Hydrological Authority of the Andean Mountain Range and the mayor's office, they began the work of repairing the aqueduct to restore the water service in the shortest time possible. .

Bridge fall in Puerto Vivas harms 400 families 

In the Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality, specifically in Puerto Vivas, some 400 families were left incommunicado after a bridge fell due to the flooding of the Uribante River.

According to the information provided by Civil Protection, it is reported that the affected families are settled in the Las Parcelas, La Piedrita and Caño Amarillo sectors.

Rafael Vásquez, director of PC in Barinas, stated that there were also 28 families affected by the overflowing of the Las Doradas River, in the Andrés Eloy Blanco parish.

“Officials from the National Risk Management System carried out damage assessment and analysis of needs in the Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality, Puerto Vivas Parish, specifically in the El Topochal, Macagua, Los Pinos, Quince Letras and Tres Esquina sectors, where 29 homes They had river effects,” said Vásquez.

As part of the attention of the national government, the Ministry of Food held a special day to deliver Clap combos to those affected by the rains in Andrés Eloy Blanco, for the benefit of more than 1.500 families.

Overflow of the Sinigüis river in Pedraza 

The authorities also reported in Pedraza the overflowing of the Sinigüis River, causing flooding in the El Merepure community and surrounding sectors.

The waters entered the homes and also damaged a bridge that connects Pedraza with Sucre, which is used by agricultural producers.

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