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Social day attended to older adults in Barinas

They provided aid and offered medical and recreational services

The national government deployed a day of comprehensive care with special attention to older adults, which took place in the Ciudad Tavacare urban complex, in the city of Barinas.

For this day, 34 institutions of the national Executive worked together to offer different services such as: medical check-up, delivery of medications, recreational activities, among others.

This mega operation was led by the political liaison, Jacqueline Faria; the vice minister of Indigenous Peoples, Vanesa Prieto; the commander of the Nutrias City Battle Operation, GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera Hernández, along with the members of the general staff, Mayor Rafael Paredes, institutional representatives and popular power.

As part of the planning and within the actions of the Great Mission of Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland, programs were carried out through the INASS such as: sin patatús, the apothecary, enjoying a puyero, the templete y perifollado, in addition to a barbershop, hairdressing, spa, delivery of medicines, dances, playing dominoes, among other contributions such as x-rays with the FANB HQ hospital system.

In addition, 194 social aid was granted that was requested through the 1×10 of the Good Government, which consisted of wheelchairs, canes, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers and anti-decubitus mattresses, as well as energy-saving light bulbs for the hallways of the urban buildings.

On the other hand, uniforms and school supplies were delivered to students at the El Bucare Early Education Center in Ciudad Varyná and the Arenal 99 National Basic School in Palma Sola, as well as air conditioning for the Cacique Isabel School and sports kit for School 28. of July.

Faria highlighted that under the guidance of President Nicolás Maduro, effective responses are provided for the benefit of the Barin people.

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