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They deploy machinery to channel the Michay River in Barinas

Equipment and machinery deployed for the emergency plan after a road collapse that left Barinas and Táchira incommunicado

As part of the emergency plan for the restoration of the passage between the states of Barinas and Táchira, this Wednesday, the machinery was activated to begin the work of channeling the Michay River.

Salvador Guerrero, mayor of the Antonio José de Sucre municipality, Barinas state, indicated that they are committed to solving the problem, after the fall of more than 10 meters of road on Trunk 005.

He mentioned that they are complying with the instructions given by President Nicolás Maduro and that an entire plan is being carried out with the different institutions of the national government, the Mayor's Office and also the Government of Barinas.

He explained that the granular material is collected at two work points such as the Socopó River and also Michay.

“All the teams are deployed. The different levels of government with popular power have been working since the emergency occurred,” he highlighted.

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