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They activate a plan to promote Barinas as a potential tourist destination 

The Higher Tourism Body held its first meeting in Barinas with the presence of Minister Alí Padrón.

Members of the Higher Tourism Body held the first day in the state of Barinas with the purpose of activating a plan to promote the Llanera entity as a potential tourist destination.

The activity was headed by the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Ernesto Padrón Paredes, together with the commander of Operation Battle Ciudad de Nutrias, GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera Hernández, the rector of Unellez, Adán Chávez; the president of CLEB, Dessiree Contreras; the regional manager of Inatur, Jairo Monsalve, among other authorities.

During the intervention, Padrón Paredes announced that he will talk with the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, to increase flights and mobilize international tourists to Barinas, in addition to activating bird watching.

He also pointed out that the Llanos business roundtable will be prepared in Barinas, to promote the tourism and financial sphere with the participation of all those involved.

He indicated that Barinas has one validated tourist route of the 77 existing in the country, but it is planned to increase it to 250.

“It is important to make Barinas known in a comprehensive way, since it is not only a plains land, but also Andean, so natural beauties, cultural representation, gastronomy, art and historical values ​​must be promoted,” he highlighted.

Representatives of public and private institutions, as well as service providers, tour operators, travel agencies, entrepreneurs in the area, ranches, inns, hotels, tourism students, among others, also participated during this event.

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