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They sensitize Aragüeños about prevention against rains

They will carry out house-to-house visits to guide the population on preventive measures

Officials from Civil Protection, the Ministry for Ecosocialism, the Aragua Fire Department, security agencies, as well as personnel from the Ministry of Communes, Inameh, Funvisis, the Government and mayors' offices, will be deployed throughout the communities of the Aragua entity, bringing information to raise awareness among the population about preventive measures before the arrival of the rainy season.

The house-to-house awareness days are part of the national awareness strategy implemented by the Bolivarian Government, which will allow the construction of a work route for the systematic approach to the prioritized communities of the state of Aragua, minimizing the risk of flooding.

Anthony De Benedictis, director of Minec Aragua, indicated that during visits to the communities they will identify the líderIt is from each sector, establishing alliances with community councils and mission bases, in order to prepare risk maps of the area, which will allow generating a rapid and organized response to any eventuality, with the leading participation of the neighbors.

The risk maps will be socialized and accessible, ensuring that the entire community is duly informed and can prepare to face any emergency situation due to rainfall.

FANB joins preventive work

With the aim of preventively addressing the rainy situation in the Aragüeña entity, this week a meeting was held between the FANB and security forces with the Vice Minister of Prevention and Citizen Security, G/D Endes Palencia Ortiz, where They reviewed plans and strategies to strengthen the timely and effective attention of the communities in the event of possible eventualities caused by rainfall.

During the meeting, the commitment of the FANB to work in an articulated manner with other institutions in the task of minimizing the impact of rains, guaranteeing the protection of the population, was highlighted.

The effort is framed in the Great Peace Quadrants Mission, which has become a fundamental instrument to strengthen citizen security in the country, promoting the active participation of communities in the implementation of security and protection measures.

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