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They planted a thousand plants in the Henri Pittier

This is the second day of "Plantatón 2024" to reforest the reservoir affected by forest fires

With the active participation of volunteers and institutions such as FundaParques, Inparques and Forest Firefighters, the second day of “Plantatón 2024” was carried out, with the planting of a thousand trees of different native species in the Henri Pittier park.

The day led by Governor Karina Carpio took place in the mountains of the Marriot Maracay Hotel, in an effort to recover the ecosystem of the park affected by the forest fires.

The president highlighted that the “Plantatón” initiative not only seeks to restore the areas affected by the fires, but also to raise awareness among the population about the importance of protecting the environment, calling on Aragüeños to join the reforestation actions. .

“It's quick, you arrive at the hill, you register and adopt your plant and then logically we are in charge of the plant that is given to us. We have already gone through a devastating summer and now it is our turn,” stated the first authority of the Aragüeña entity.

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