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Fishing and aquaculture sector deploys its 1x10x7 at the national level

The states of Aragua, Anzoátegui, Carabobo and Zulia began the deployment of their fishermen and women

The states of Aragua, Anzoátegui, Carabobo and Zulia began the deployment of their fishermen and fisherwomen in the company of the communal councils within the framework of 1X10X7, mobilizing organizations to strengthen citizen participation in the next elections.

During the assemblies held at the national level, each of the Conppa is guided how to download the CC200 application and the proper registration of the fishing and aquaculture sector. This mechanism is the tool of popular organization to govern the territory, politically, culturally and productively.


“A battle that comes to us on July 28, where none of us have to give up, we know very well that the right is attacking us with sanctions, the fishing people are not ignorant, and no empire is going to tell us what to do,” said Darwin Fisherman's war from Lake Maracaibo during the assembly of the fishing and aquaculture sector held in the Zulian entity, in which the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Juan Carlos Loyo participated.

From the Miranda, Mara and Maracaibo municipalities, the different Conppas of the Zulian region refined the 1x10x7 strategy for this electoral party to which all the states of the country have already joined.

“It is important that each Conppa, each boat has its 1x10x7, has its sailor, its fisherman, the fisherman's wife, that no one is missing,” Minister Loyo instructed, while detailing that this machinery is the 1×10 of each space for direct popular participation.


The fishermen of the state of Aragua mobilized their Conppa from Choroní to Ocumare de la Costa to join the participation of the 1X10X7.

The Conppa Renacer of Choroní, Furia Bolivariana de Mayo, Unidos de Chuao, Unidos de Cepe, Unidos Punta de Tuja, Virgen del Carmen la Begoña, Los Cocos, La Begoña, Las Patronas del Mar, San Francisco de Asis, Pescadoras Venezuela Cuyagua, Ocumare, Inmaculada Cuyagua, joined this national display expressing their commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Manuel Medina, a fisherman from Aragon, maintained that “1x10x7 ensures the victory of the upcoming elections of our president, Nicolás Maduro” and invited all the fishing people to participate in this popular machinery in order to continue the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez.


Two assemblies were held in the state of Carabobo, specifically on Palma Sola beach, located in the picturesque town of Puerto Cabello, in the Morón parish, Juan José Mora municipality, and in the El Cují sector of the Independencia parish of the Libertador Municipality.

These assemblies had the active participation of the Conppa Ebenezer, Samuel Robinson, El Cují and La Mariposa, who represent the fishermen and aquaculturists in the area. During the meetings, participation in the CC200 application was addressed, crucial for the organizational development of social movements with a view to the upcoming presidential elections.

During the meeting, aquaculturist Orlando Robertiz took the floor to call for unity and sustained commitment from fishermen and aquaculturists in order to achieve a joint victory on July 28, highlighting the importance of maintaining cooperation and solidarity between members of the fishing community to face current and future challenges.


The Anzoátegui state, from the Urbaneja Municipality, líderis and líderthose from the Fishing and Aquaculture sector, which are part of the Conppa Fight and resistance, Bahía de Guanta, Caño Salado, Playa Maurica, Bateas de Maurica, Manfre, Jesús Cristo la Roca, San Rafael de Ferri, Isla Borracha, Santa Rosa, Cruz Guarache, San Andrés de Onoto and Fernando Padilla, ratified the commitment to the country's food security.

Fishing and aquaculture communities of the country that live in the states of Portuguesa, Guárico, Apure, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Miranda, Delta Amacuro, Falcón, Monagas, Trujillo, Lara, Cojedes, La Guaira, Carabobo and Yaracuy, are active in the structuring and organization of the sector in the 1x10x7.

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