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They repair water leaks in the Girardot and Iragorry municipalities in Aragua

The Hydrological Company of the Center (Hidrocentro) deployed the Cayapa Plan that benefited more than 500 thousand inhabitants

To improve the quality of life of more than 500 thousand inhabitants of the Aragüeña entity, the Hidrológica del Centro (Hidrocentro) company deployed the Cayapa Plan in the Girardot and Mario Briceño Iragorry municipalities, where they carried out leak repairs and maintenance of collectors.

This was reported by the president of Hidrocentro, Leonel Ruiz, who detailed that 20 crews attended the La Cooperativa, Los Olivos, Río Blanco I, Centro, Base Aragua, San Vicente and La Coromoto sectors of the Girardot municipality (Maracay); while in Mario Briceño Iragorry the communities of Caña de Azúcar, José Felix Ribas, El Limón, Arsenal and Alma Máter II were approached.

“Thanks to the management of President Nicolás Maduro, the people have a tool like the VenApp to report their cases and be efficiently attended to by the water workforce, following the guidelines of the Minister of Popular Power for Water Care, G/ D Rodolfo Marco Torres,” added Ruiz.

Likewise, the neighbors appreciated the management of 1×10, through which a timely response was given to the report made on the platform, as stated by Sonia Faneites, street manager of the Alma Máter II urbanization: “thanks to 1×10 now I can enjoy the water in my house, we are so happy.”

Likewise, Maica Ardelis, líder of the community of sector 2 of the Caña de Azúcar urbanization, highlighted that 11 families from village 77 benefited from the collector maintenance carried out by Hidrocentro, solving the collapse of sewage in the area.

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