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They rehabilitate wastewater treatment plant in Choroní

The work will activate commerce and tourism in the area and is carried out by the Girardot mayor's office and MinAguas.

The mayor of the Girardot municipality, Rafael Morales, announced the start of the re-engineering and rehabilitation works of the wastewater treatment plant, located in the coastal town of Choroní, thanks to the provision of equipment granted by President Nicolás Maduro.

The president highlighted that the project, carried out jointly between the Girardot mayor's office and the Ministry of Water Attention (MinAguas), will be developed in several phases, beginning with the activation of the pumping station, located in Puerto Colombia, which includes the renewal of the entire hydraulic, electrical and automation system.

Next will come the recovery of the wastewater treatment plant in Choroní, with the restoration of physical units such as sand traps, wandering systems, settlers, reactors, disinfection tanks and drying bed.

Once the pumping station is activated and the treatment plant is recovered, the installation and operation of the new equipment for the hydraulic pump system will begin, together with the electrical power and control work for the optimal and effective operation of the pumps. the treatment plant.

“Thanks to the support of all the Government entities that are involved in this important work, we will benefit the entire coastal parish of Choroní and we will strengthen all the economic and commercial activity of one of the tourist areas par excellence in our entity,” commented the mayor. .

Finally, he highlighted that an alternative biological treatment system will be implemented to address the issue of emergencies, which will be made up of bio-digesters and an assumption field.

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