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Third gas filling plant reopens its doors in Aragua

The "4 de Febrero" plant in La Villa will supply more than 80 thousand families monthly

In Aragua, the “4 de Febrero” gas filling plant was reopened, located in the industrial zone of the Los Tanques sector, in the city of Villa de Cura, becoming the third LPG filling center to be rehabilitated in that entity. from the center of the country.

Governor Karina Carpio, who presided over the plant's reopening ceremony, highlighted that it has 23 filling stations and a tank storage capacity of 197 liters, which will serve more than 214 families monthly.

He specified that the adaptation work included the rehabilitation of the operations, administration, common areas and security areas, through the recovery of the filling platform and the electrical system; as well as the beautification of the bathrooms, walls, green areas and activation of the dining room.

The president, who was accompanied by the president of Pdvsa Gas Comunal, Julio Rojas; Ymarú Múñoz, president of Aragua Gas and mayor Anahaís Palacios, indicated that the recovery of the plant responds to the requests made by citizens through the 1×10 VenApp platform, meeting the needs of the Aragua people.

In this sense, he highlighted that citizens will be able to enjoy a fast and efficient service, significantly improving their quality of life.

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