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Producers from Colonia Tovar received Trabuco CLAP Kits

The combos contain supplies such as machetes, seeds, gloves, hoses and watering cans.

To activate the “P” for “Production” of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), 18 Trabuco CLAP Kits were delivered in Colonia Tovar, containing machetes, sprayer, good quality seeds, gloves , hoses, watering cans and information material on good agricultural practices.

David Páez, state director of the Ministry of Urban Agriculture (Minppau), highlighted that they were producers nominated by the CLAP heads of the agricultural areas of the Tovar municipality, with the objective of promoting agricultural production in that Aragüeña town, since these kits will allow the development and strengthen each of its productive plots.

“Tovar is a fairly productive municipality in terms of agriculture, so the tools will strengthen a network of more than 30 producers and agro-urban farmers in the center of Colonia Tovar, we will continue to expand and in the next phase we will serve a little more than 70 farmers organized in the CLAPs of the municipality,” said Páez.

For his part, Mayor Darwin Cáceres highlighted the importance of the kits to support local producers, since each one contains essential tools that will facilitate the daily work of farmers and will contribute to increasing the efficiency and quality of their crops.

They delivered CLAP combos to grandparents from La Colonia

As part of the first vertex of the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland, special CLAP combos were delivered to the grandparents of Colonia Tovar, an activity that was carried out in the Mayor's office, to guarantee physical and nutritional well-being to them. this sector of the population.

The combos contain groceries such as coffee, sugar, flour, rice, oil, pasta, salt, milk and canned goods; in addition to fruits, legumes, vegetables and proteins, responding to the needs of older adults, especially those who are in vulnerable conditions.

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