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Surgical plan exceeded 200 interventions in Aragua

Patients treated were recruited in the comprehensive care sessions and through the 1x10

More than 200 surgeries were performed in the state of Aragua, through the National Surgical Plan, which was deployed in the central entity of the country, from July 3 to 7, where sterilization, hysterectomy, suppression surgeries were performed. inguinal and umbilical hernias, lipomas, ophthalmology, eventrations and other surgical procedures.

The balance was offered by Governor Karina Carpio, from the facilities of the Dr. José Rangel Hospital in Villa de Cura, Zamora municipality, where she highlighted the free, timely, efficient and quality care provided to Aragüeño patients, thanks to the investment made during his administration to strengthen the health system, with renovated operating rooms equipped with the latest technology equipment.

"They are high-cost interventions, but here we have highly trained medical personnel and operating rooms recently delivered by our president Nicolás Maduro, with a supply of high-tech equipment, and that has precisely been the result for us to have such surgical interventions." effective and so efficient,” commented the president.

Carpio highlighted that in the southern axis of the entity alone, more than 240 interventions of high, medium and low complexity were carried out, thanks to the participation of 120 health professionals.

Likewise, he indicated that the cases attended to were captured in the different comprehensive care sessions deployed in the 18 municipalities, as well as through the requests made by the population through the VenApp platform of the 1×10 of Good Government.

He affirmed that this day is an act of love and hope for each of the patients, and a materialization of the social care and care policies of the Bolivarian Government, and highlighted that it is a complete approach that included pre- and postoperative care, with free delivery of the medications necessary to complete the recovery process.

Aragüeño hospitals have renovated and equipped operating rooms

Smile Mission

The Governor reported that as part of the effort to guarantee the comprehensive health of the population, especially the most vulnerable, in the coming days, a mega operation of the Smile Mission will be carried out in the city of El Consejo, José Rafael Revenga municipality, where they will focus on the care of older adults.

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