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Maracayeros have the first smart stop in the state of Aragua

It has free Wi-Fi, closed circuit and a cafeteria with affordable prices

On Monday night, the first smart stop in the state of Aragua was inaugurated in the city of Maracay, a work carried out by the regional government in alliance with the private construction company Peter Building, which is located at a strategic point between the end of Constitución Avenue and the beginning of Intercomunal Turmero Avenue, representing a significant boost for urban mobility in the Aragüeña capital.

The governor highlighted that the smart stop has an LED screen for advertising, free Wi-Fi, security through a closed-circuit camera system with direct link to state security agencies, lighting and a cafeteria with affordable prices.

"This is thanks to a perfect alliance, this is a very useful and very beautiful space where we unite the Mariño municipality with Girardot... This is the first and many more are coming for the rest of the municipalities," commented the president, while emphasizing that this initiative will serve as a model for the construction of other smart stops, which will improve the quality of life of public transportation users.

Government and private companies work hand in hand

Peter Moreno, representative of the Peter Building company, referred to the importance of coordinated work between the Government and private companies, which translates into improvements for citizens: “yes it is possible, now together we are going to do a lot for Venezuela, These public spaces are for the people and by the people, a place where everyone will be able to come and enjoy,” he emphasized.

He pointed out that all this is possible thanks to good coordination between the Government and private companies to continue breaking comfort paradigms and the latest technology.

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