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Rain gauges will be installed in 50 communities in Maracay

Neighbors receive training on risk management, emergency plans and evacuation routes

The Girardot mayor's office, through Civil Protection, began the installation of community rain gauges in 50 sectors of the capital of Aragon, an initiative framed in the early warning plan activated on a national scale, before the arrival of the rainy season.

Jesús Lugo, coordinator of Girardot Civil Protection, reported that the community rain gauge is an instrument that is part of the early warning system, which will allow authorities to take early action in the event of any risk situation in the rainy season.

“The rain gauges allow us to measure the amount of rain that has fallen in a space, and thus be able to activate downstream any situation that arises with the water channels,” said Lugo.

In this sense, he indicated that the 50 devices will be distributed in the different sectors of the 8 parishes of the Garden City, prioritizing the most vulnerable areas due to their proximity to rivers, channels and mountains.

He added that to guarantee the effective operation of the rain gauges, men and women from the communities will be integrated, who have received training in the area of ​​risk management, emergency plan and evacuation routes.

“This system is made up of UBCh leaders, street leaders, who have been trained, since the neighbors are the first to respond to any emergency. Following the instructions of our president Nicolás Maduro, governor Karina Carpio and mayor Rafael Morales, we are giving power to the people,” the official emphasized.

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