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Clap blunderbuss kits delivered to Aragüeño producers

They promote production and food sovereignty policies

As part of a nationwide deployment, 209 Trabuco CLAP kits were delivered in Aragua, which include a machete, sprinkler, good quality seeds, gloves, hoses, watering cans; as well as informative material on good agricultural practices, an initiative promoted by the Agro Venezuela Mission to activate the “P” for “Production” of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP).

The delivery ceremony with which they seek to promote urban agriculture, took place at the facilities of the National Experimental University of Security (UNES), which had the participation of Johana Carrillo, Minister for Urban Agriculture (Minppau). ; Karina Carpio, governor of the state of Aragua; and José Diego Castillo, territorial director of the Ministry of Food (Minppal); among other authorities.

The representative of the Urban Agriculture portfolio explained that the CLAPs of the municipalities of Urdaneta, Camatagua, San Casimiro, Girardot, Mario Briceño Iragorry, San Sebastián, Santiago Mariño and Sucre were favored, who will be in charge of planting and harvesting tomato, chard and spinach .

“This initiative will allow communities to unite, which will receive our advice to strengthen local production. If we guarantee that production is local, we will guarantee that the food is healthier,” Carrillo commented.

For her part, Governor Karina Carpio highlighted that they work for the healthy diet of the people and to strengthen the national economy: “Everything that can generate fundamental changes will be catapulted in the name of God with the initiative of our president Nicolás Maduro. , the conditions for healthy production,” he pointed out.

CLAP will be activated with agricultural production

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